GSN Invest++ & our first thematic week at ZappChai

You folks have been loyal readers of ZappChai for months at end now, so we wanted to let you in on GSN Invest++ before a price hike. As you would know, our prices are currently extremely low at Rs 1999/yr for an analysis of 70 stocks - That puts it at less than Rs 30/stock. Starting next month, we plan to increase this to Rs2499/yr - which means these are the last 2 days you can still get in at the base rate.

At GSN Invest++ in addition to the analysis of 70 market leading firms (22 analyzed, 48 to be analyzed over the remainder of the year) by a top rated ex Goldman, ex J.P. Morgan analyst, you also get access to a flourishing community of folks interested in the market and a daily market update every morning.

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Here’s what a few of our readers have to say about our work -


Ganesh and his team are furnishing a phenomenal service to the investor community. They follow a meticulously focused research methodology which thoroughly covers all the fundamental bases. I’m a happy subscriber of GSN Invest ++.

- Armaan Madhani, AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor

GSN Invest++ is my go-to platform for keeping abreast of financial markets. My daily routine is nowadays incomplete without a dose of ZappChai and my Sunday mornings are productively spent poring over GSN's top notch stock analysis. I highly recommend everyone to subscribe to GSN Invest++ to get smarter about investing by learning from one of the best in the business.

-Prannoy Ray, HSBC Vietnam, IIM Bangalore, Ex Goldman Sachs

I have been in equities since nineties and keep abreast by subscribing to websites. Over the last two months there has been a significant increase in information flow, both through the GSN Invest++ weekly analysis of a particular stock and the extremely engaging discussions on WhatsApp.

-Umesh Dhingra, Market Veteran

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Plans for Next Week: Next week is going to be a special one at ZappChai - our first thematic week. Over 5 pieces we will cover top views on the disconnect between the economic reality and the market prices, and potential catalysts that could trigger the correction. Stay tuned!

That’s it from our end. Keep Learning, Keep Growing.