Top reads of Samvat 2076 + Special discount for our readers

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Most of you have stuck with us for the better part of a year now, and for that we are truly grateful. We promise to keep coming to you with best in class finance and investing content this year as well!

Here are some of the top posts from Samvat 2076

  1. CAMS IPO Analysis [#1 search on Google for the IPO week, ahead of Chittogarh]

  2. Garware Technical Fibers Red Flags [Now the #1 post on Valuepickr’s thread]

  3. The future of credit cards in India [Long form sector analysis]

  4. Jio Mart: Behemoth in the making [Taking about RIL, before it was cool]

  5. Stagflation [#1 performing GSN Invest Explainer]

  6. Hotstar & Netflix aren’t killing theaters any time soon [Didn’t age well, but our first ever post, so we decided to add it to the mix!]

And now the thing you were looking for!

As a gesture of thanks for your patronage, we are offering our readers Rs 500 until this Sunday! Come join the GSN Invest++ family and make a prosperous start this Samvat!

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