Weekend reads from GSN Invest!

We know what you’re thinking, it’s still Friday! But we know you’re shifting into the weekend mood already, so here are some interesting topics we covered over the last few days that we think could make wonderful (and informative) weekend reads!

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FY22 - Year of Growth With GSN Invest

  1. Day 1 - What is interest coverage? https://bit.ly/3e1eQ5q

  2. Day 2 - Why is the RHP so important? https://bit.ly/3x24zyo

  3. Day 3 - How do you help your parents in a falling rate environment? https://bit.ly/3x2JeVB

  4. Day 4 - Why should you select the makers of shovels in a gold rush? https://bit.ly/3e54JMR

  5. Day 5 - Are MNC businesses always high quality? https://bit.ly/32fO046

  6. Day 6 - What is channel stuffing & how do you spot it? https://bit.ly/2QoTdUu

  7. Day 7 - What are receivable days and what do they tell you? https://bit.ly/3sqhIxM

  8. Day 8 - What is terminal value & why is it so important? https://bit.ly/3dokGi6

  9. Day 9 - Why you should never bet against Indian enterprise? https://bit.ly/2RAjq2V

  10. Day 10 - Why it is important to cut off your laggards early? https://bit.ly/3toxbjm

  11. Day 11- Why are Indians over invested in RE? https://bit.ly/2RFBKrB

  12. Day 12- How can retail investors benefit from the VC Boom? https://bit.ly/3e2aX02

  13. Day 13 - What do you do with great new entrants? https://bit.ly/3v7J5ib

  14. Day 14 - What insights do gross margins and ad intensity provide? https://bit.ly/3g9n5PA

  15. Day 15- How does D-Mart make 16%+ RoE with wafer thin margins? https://bit.ly/3uVbkAl

  16. Day 16 - What is loan ever-greening & how do you spot it? https://bit.ly/32h30Pd