Weekend reads from GSN Invest

Hi folks,

It’s been a tough week for most of us - as the second wave hits the country. If you and your loved ones are safe, please continue to stay indoors - and go out masked only when essential. If any of your loved ones are in need of assistance - and we have a message that can be amplified, please feel free to reach out over any of our social channels, and we’ll try our best to share.

As you settle in for the weekend, here are a few interesting investment & finance ideas to read about -

  1. Citi Retail exit - How did foreign banks lose the plot? https://bit.ly/3e2UaK8

  2. Why do bubbles occur and how to avoid them? https://bit.ly/3txXfbE

  3. How is the private label battle shaping up? https://bit.ly/3ds6Vim

  4. Understanding yield on cash and its Indian twist! https://bit.ly/3xe3Fzg

  5. M Narasimham - The architect of India's banking reforms https://bit.ly/3v5EMUn

  6. Can inventory be a barrier to entry? https://bit.ly/3elxo0t

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For folks looking to begin their investing journey, or get more educated while on it, our flagship investor education program is always open. GSN Invest Edu100. Given the existing economic scenerio we understand most people will be stretched and hence we will continue to sell at our deep discounted rate (3-5% of comparable offerings) for atleast the next two months - so please feel free to defer your purchase if there are other more pressing needs.

Team GSN Invest