ZappChai: Taking a three week break!

The last eight odd months have been tremendously eventful! We’ve now written more than 200 posts and grown from 0 to reaching thousands of people across our platforms. None of this would have been possible without your love and support, and for that I’m tremendously grateful!

That being said, working on growing our research, newsletter, and institutional products simultaneously has also been incredibly mentally taxing. With that in mind I’m taking a three week break from writing the newsletter - using the time off to refresh and rejuvenate - reading some books, taking my dog on walks, catching up with friends.

While I know you’ll miss our work, I hope you will understand our decision. ZappChai will be back on 28th September! With the same analytical rigour and insight that you’ve come to expect from us - at the same time - 7AM everyday - in your inbox!

Note: All offerings & commitments to our paid customers - including weekly analysis, daily market updates and institutional research support will continue unaffected.

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